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Smoke Alarm X10


  • Power source : DC3V Lithium Battery

  • Battery specifications : CR123A

  • Battery life : 10 years
  • Static current : <3uA

  • Alarm Current : <30mA

  • Low Voltage Alarm : 2.7V +/-0.05V

  • Sound level : >85db (3m)

  • Working temperature : 0°C ˜ 40°C

  • Working humidity : 10%-95% RH



X10 is a digital low-power smoke alarm. The MapleLeaf product design adheres to EU EN14604 standard. It is a stand-alone photoelectric smoke alarm based on MCU technology. Its digital signal processing makes the alarm detection more accurate with better product sensitivity and consistency. The MCU bulit in flash memory store the detector's factory parameters, maintenance information to achieve a strong self-diagnostic testing.

In addition, the adaptive compensation function is based on ambient temperature and external factors such as changes in the conditions of fire sensitivity compensation to the appropriate range. The average standby mode current consumption is less than 3UA with working time up to 10 years.


It is important to test this unit weekly to make sure it is working properly. Return them to the seller if improperly ,and don't use fire to test your alarm.



  1. Press and hold the test button for 3 seconds to ensure your smoke alarm still working properly. If the smoke alarm does not function the way it sound, replace it immediately or check your battery.
  2. The signal flashes once 5 minutes and while it alarms the signal will flash once 0.5 second.
  3. If there is a low beep sound every 30 seconds from the smoke alarm, it is an indication of low battery. Replace the battery immediately.
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