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Escapetor Plus

  • Escapetor Plus
(Model : ML-ES3)


  • Built-in battery : lithium battery .7V 1800mAh
  • LED specs : white LED giving out white light 2500mcd / white giving out red light 500mcd
  • Speaker specs : 8Ω 1w
  • Charging input: DC 5.0V 1000mA
  • Lifespan of light source : > 10000H
  • Output power : DC 5.0V 500mA
  • Product weight : 280g
  • Product size : 246x84x49mm


  • Its new and original airflow design is handsome, cunning small and exquisite, and its serviceability is superior ; its compass may facilitate your family life and outdoor tourism.
  • Capable of mechanical power generation ; provided with accurate structure and high working efficiency ; its built-in high-performance power generation energy storage device is environment friendly.
  • Three(3) imported high-luminance LEDs are used to serve as light sourcesm their lifespan can reach 10,000 hours or linger, ensuring high performance and energy conversation.
  • Capable of alarm flashing ; in cars of an emergency, the product can be attached to the top of your auto for emergency resorting.
  • The product may be used to charge up variouds types of mobile phones or digital prod.
  • When your automobile develops a fault, you may use the razor blade to cut off the safety belt, and use the safety hammer to smash the glass so that you may escape as soon as possible.
  • The product is rainproof to a certain extent, and its normal operation may not be affected in case it gets wet in the rain outdoors.
  • With functions of emergrncy lighting, mobile phone charger, blink /siren, rainproof, magnet, seat belt cutter, safety hammer, temperature, humidity, clock, alarm clock.

Smoke Hood (Model : ML-117)



  • Net weight : (without package) 55gsm±3gsm

  • Mask Size : (unfolded) 380mm W x 395mm L x 4mm D

  • Packaging : Packed with vacuumed aluminum foil

  • The Filer : The multi-layers filter can stop and reverse the toxic smoke in fire not easy to break though directly, and the toxic smoke to be purified by the elaborative construction filter.

  • Colour: Hood - transparent orange colour, Filler - black, Neck Strap - black

  • Shelf life : 4 years packed in the aluminum package.

  • The Hood : The transparent film can resist high temperature up to 500°C, it is designed to fit the face with 360°C full angle of view, can speech and hearing when put on the hood.

  • The Neck Strap : The neck portion made of fire resist material, it has an excellent elasticity and stretches, block the smoke from outside. One size filling adults, children and infants.


The Award is organized by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO), It ranks as one of the world's top three industrial design award and the most recognized certification of quality, practicality and design in Asia.


MapleLeaf Smoke Hood is a small, portable, heat resistant with efficiency filter that can protect you against toxic smoke from fire. The full face mask can be easily and quickly put on let you escape from fire without delay. Safety is everything, you should be prepare a Pocket Smoke Hood.




Portable size:
The Hood small, less 50gsm light weight and palm size, easy to place it in desk drawer, briefcase or handbag, so you can take it anywhere to protect you at anytime.

Easy to use:
Just open packaging and put on the hood over your hand, only 3 steps in 15 seconds, no training need, no extra parts need, let you emergency escape from fire immediately.

One size fit all:
The Facial conforming hood covers entire head including eyes, nose and mouth. The flexible rubber neck strap provides very fit sealing for adults, children and infants.

Effective performance:
The multi-layer active carbon filters can absorb toxic particles and filtering harmful smoke during in a fire situation. The extra large filter provides enough air flow for breath easily.


MapleLeaf Smoke Hood targets the people are in need of a short-term respiratory filter escape tool in the event of a fire caused by natural disaster, human error or terrorist attack. Is currently being used at:

  • Basement constructions

  • High rise buildings

  • Transportation companies

  • Chemical Industries

  • Hotels, Casinos

  • Warehouse factories, Workshops

  • Hospitals

  • Security applications, etc

  • Government

  • Residential Complexes

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