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Smoke Alarm (Model : ML-VIII)



  • DC power : power : DC9V

  • Alarm Current : <12mA

  • Alarm sonority : >85db(3m)

  • Static Current : <10uA

  • Low Voltage Alarm : 6.5V ˜ 7.5V

  • Working temperature : -10°C ˜ 40°C


ML-VIII are photoelectric smoke alarms, they are generally more effective at detecting smoldering fires which smolder for hours before bursting into flame.

Sources of these fires may include cigarettes burning in couches or bedding.
ML-VIII accords with the ISO / DIS12239 Standard.


It is important to test this unit weekly to make sure it is working properly. Don't open the alarm by yourself, return them to the seller if improperly ,and don't use fire to test your alarm.



  1. Press and hold the test button on the cover of the unit until the alarm sounds. If it does not alarm, make sure that the unit is receiving power and test it again. If it still does not alarm ,replace it immediately or check your battery.
  2. The signal flashes once 30 seconds and while it alarms the signal will flash once 0.5 second.
  3. If the alarm makes low "chirp "sounds every about 30seconds,it tells you to exchange your battery.
  4. Little smoke will not cause alarms, so misinformation occurs only when you blow smoke to the alarms directly or you forget to turn on your ventilated facility white your cooking.
  5. Sometimes when you smoke the unit will alarm ,so you can just blow air to it to stop alarming.

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Tested following ISO/DIS 12239

Safety Night Lamp (Model : ML-VI)

  • Mapleleaf Trailer


  • Power source : 4X1.5V AA batteries

  • Static current : 30 ˜ 40uA

  • Detection range : 5m(24°C)Max

  • Detection angle : 120°

  • Working humidity : <90%RH

  • Single power : 0.06W

  • Working current : 90mA

  • Time delay : 10±2Sec

  • Light-control : <10LUX

  • Working temperature : -10 ˜ +40°C

  • LED quantity : 6PCS

  • Rated load : 0.36W Max


The ML-VI a new type of energy saving motion sensor lamp; the light become brighter and service time longer, When reached a certain degree of illumination, it adopts PIR technology to sense motion and turn on the light automatically; It can identify day and night automatically, at night when one enters its detection field, the lamp will shine and after leaves it will go out automatically. If you want the light to remain on for an extended period of time, just slide the switch to the"ON"setting to turn the light on and keep it on, until you turn the switch off.




  1. The product shouldn't be used in the zones the air temperature changes obviously: for example air conditioning and air heating;
  2. In front of the detection window there should be no obstruction or moving object to effect its detecting.


The sensor sensitivity is low The sensor sensitivity is low
  • Please check if in front of the detection window there is obstruction effecting the sensor to receive signal;

  • Please check if the temperature is too high;

  • Please check if the sense signal is in the detection range;

  • Check if in the detection range there is continual sense signal;

  • If the battery accords with instruction required;

  • If the air temperature near the sensor lamp change obviously, for example air conditioning or air heating,etc.

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