Life Saving Cube

Life Saving Cube


About Life-Saving Cube

Life-Saving Cube
Rest assured knowing that your workplace or home is protected in the event of fire.
Life-Saving Cube from Mapleleaf is a safety kit providing fire evacuation protection to reduce risk of life threatening and evacuation

Life Saving Cube contained varieties types of safety equipment including Smoke Hood, Escaptor Plus, Evacuation Plan and etc.

We understand that fire can strike our premises anytime, the consequences of which could be disastrous. This is a solution that can act as a protection to against the unforeseen

Life Saving Cube continues to demonstrate the important of the extended security by providing quality products, in large volumes and customize to your specification and branding if required.

Your Benefit
  • Reduce the rate if life risk in fire accident
  • Create a safer environment for a peace of mind.
  • Build up a safety image for staff and customer
  • Enhance safety measures
Why Life Saving Cube
  • Your safety is our priority.
  • It's a safety measure to against life threatening risk
  • Quality products and services is our goal.
  • Customer satisfaction is our objective.

We have also worked hard to improve the Life Saving Cube to save more people which helpless in Life threatening and dire situation

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