Gas Alarm (Model : ML-V)

Gas Alarm (Model : ML-V) Gas Alarm Gas Alarm (Model : ML-V) Gas Alarm Gas Alarm (Model : ML-V) Gas Alarm Gas Alarm (Model : ML-V) Gas Alarm

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  • Alarm concentration : 3%LEL - 20%LEL

  • Working environment : -10°C ˜ +40°C

  • Power source : 220 - 240V/AC

  • Rated load : <2W

  • Alarm volume : ≥85db

  • Working humidity : <97%RH

  • Power frequency : 50Hz

  • Detect gas : LPG, natural gas, town gas


ML-V is a kind of freestanding flammable gas alarm. It adopts advanced gas sensor, and select MCU with high ratio of performance and price as control core. It is a household small type gas security alarm. It can detect gas leak concentration indoor. When gas leak concentration reaches presetting level, the alarm provides a visual and audible signal. When the concentration is below presetting level, the alarm resume to the normal working state, that avoid person loss and property damage lead by toxicosis, explosion and fire because of gas leak.



Power connected, the power indicator(green) is constantly on, and it alarms with beep sound(alarm indicator flashes twice). The digital tube displays "-" and about 4 minutes displays concentration, then it starts the alarm detection mode.

Use pump to supply the alcohol volatile gas through the tube to the gas alarm ,ensure that the tube is right to gas sensor.

  • When digital tube says the concentration is 0,1,2, the status indicator is off
  • When digital tube says the concentration is above 3, the status indicator is red and the alarm indicator flashes, when says 3,4,5 it alarms with the beep sound slowly and when says 6,7,8,9 it alarms with the fast beep sound.
  • When digital tube says the concentration is A, it alarms with the status indicator in red , alarm indicator constantly on in red.When the concentration is lower than defined value, the alarm recovers to the normal state.

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